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Welcome to Quarters

Welcome to the Quarters documentation! Quarters is a universal cryptocurrency for games. This document includes SDK, APIs and code snippets. With them, you can easily integrate Quarters tokens to your games.

If you feel like contributing to the docs, like changing or adding things, feel free to submit a Pull Request at

For our website visit Pocketful of Quarters.

» For a quick video on how to get started with Quarters, click here!

Alternatively if you are not a developer and accidentally got here watch a video on How to buy Quarters, or visit our website Pocketful of Quarters.

Development tools and library

Here is the list of tools and libraries quarters project provides to get started.

Quarters contract

Quarters contract is Ethereum smart contract and written in solidity. It includes ERC20 token and withdraw functions. You can check code and ABI here on etherscan.

Mainnet: [Yet to be deployed]

Ropsten: 0x8c05ebef0b4419416e8efb4c26edb4aa6cd7bb27

Quarters buttons

Quarters buttons are small snippets. It is easy and fastest way to integrate "Play with Quarters" feature on game. Here is quick setup to embed buttons on any web based game to accept Quarters.


  Play with 2 Quarters

To check complete documentation, visit Quarters Buttons.

JavaScript SDK

JavaScript SDK provides rich API interface to help build oauth on Quarters. Developers can use Quarters oauth to add authentication to the game and retrieve information for client-only games.

  npm install --save quarters-js

To check complete documentation, visit JavaScript SDK.

Node SDK (for server)

Node SDK provides helpers to interact with Quarters server and contract.

  npm install --save node-quarters

To check complete documentation, visit Node SDK.

Unity SDK

To check complete documentation, visit Unity SDK.

Unity SDK - PlayFab Module

PlayFab Module allows transferring quarters from the Quarters app to the users through PlayFab cloud script.

To check complete documentation, visit Unity SDK - PlayFab Module.